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Welcome to WSI Portable Contractor Scales online

Are you tired of unloading your portable contractor scale in an unsafe manor? Does breaking chains and exhausting 30, maybe 40 man hours to set up a scale seem efficient? Just finding a loader large enough to unload your scale a problem?


How about a WSI Self Contained Portable Scale. Our product can be safely set up using no chains, no loaders and takes about 2 man-hours to set up and one hour to tear down and move to another location.

A WSI Portable Contractors Scale boasts the following features:

• 70' long x II' wide x 33" high with a 100 ton capacity, concentrated load capacity (CLC) of 42 ton.

• The scale weighbridge and mechanical lever system sit on its own self-contained, one piece frame.

• Steel guard rails made of 3" x 3" tubular steel add additional safety to your scale.

• A portable wheel kit and hydraulic lift kit allow for quick and easy setup and tear down. A hydraulic winch located under the scale allows the ability to pull wheel kit under scale. This makes
it unnecessary to have a wheel loader or other equipment on site for the set up and tear down.

• This scale is equipped with side marker lights, taillights, blinkers, and brake lights for safe transport.

• The unattended truck management system allows the driver
to pull onto the scale and enter the information and get a ticket without getting out of the truck.

• All scale components are made by Webster Scale at our facilities in Webster, SD. This makes getting parts and services
an easy task.

unattended truck managment system

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