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Welcome to WSI                          Unattended Truck      Management System Online

Quality Construction
• Heavy Duty Aluminum, All-Weather Heated Enclosure
• Remote Print Button has the ticket waiting for the driver when they walk back to the box.

Detailed Information
• Store info for up to 1000 trucks/pups with recorded      tare weights
• Manage up to 500 jobs/projects
and up to 100 different Materials • Overweight limits for truck and pup indicated immediately on screen
• Dated tare weights with “tare expired” processing
• Daily and Total Job Accumulators on every ticket
• Ticket reprint and optional multiple ticket printing - Without worry of double entry
• Transaction report available by:
- Date Range - Grouping by ID
- Material - Project

NEW Flash Writer Uploads Directly to your PC!
• This is a NEW feature that allows you to download all transaction memory to a flash writer card, which can be downloaded into most PC’s. The information is then opened using Microsoft Excel.
• Once the info is on your PC, it can be:
- E-mailed
- Sorted into endless categories
- Sort into visual charts and bar graphs
- Insert information into your personally designed spreadsheet
- Download to your
accounting system

Optional Features:
• A barcode badge reader and PC style keyboard are supported for truck/pup/job id entry
• Remote display supported

lcd readout display

flashcard writer

computer display

led display